The Warren Information Organization is an information science / informatics consulting firm headquartered near Washington, DC. We help organizations and individuals collect, manage, and summarize information, in most any form or context, qualitatively or quantitatively. We welcome clients from all over the world.

A plot of geolocation coordinates
A plot of geolocation coordinates

Our areas of expertise include (click for examples):

Collecting information

  • Content analysis
    • Feature analysis: Study the features of a large group of people or products.
    • Theme analysis: Discover thematic patterns in marketing materials, speeches, artwork, etc.
    • Link analysis: Categorize the origins and destinations of links, messages, attacks, etc.
  • Automated data processing and crawling
    • Automatically parse, QC, categorize, reformat, etc. the information you collect or receive.
    • Explore a large collection that is important to you, returning just the data you need in the format you want.

Managing information

  • Collection management
    • Database or library schema creation, organizing, cleaning, archiving, etc.
    • Writing programs for interfacing with databases, such as summary displays, queries, and managing records
    • Programs that manipulate or convert digital information, such as documents, photos, audio, and videos
    • Programs that handle data synchronization, backups, and integrity checking
    • American and British English writing and editing
  • Logistics coordination
    • Coordinating or monitoring marketing campaigns, inventory or shipment tracking, business setup, etc.
    • Programs that ease and automate logistical workflows
  • Websites and e-commerce
    • Simple websites for events, portfolios, etc.
    • Complex websites for organizations, knowledge bases, etc.
    • Supported features: media-responsiveness (content auto-adapts to phones, tablets, laptops, etc.), shopping carts, accessibility for disabled people, backwards-compatibility for old Web browsers, connection security comparable to bank websites, the latest international coding standards, and enabling a free (or paid) content delivery network to protect the site from attacks and deliver the content most anywhere on Earth in milliseconds.

A clustered principal component analysis
A clustered principal component analysis

Summarizing information

  • Difficult Web searches or database queries
    • Locate hard-to-find commodities, people, or companies.
    • Extract exactly the information you want out of a complex or large database.
  • Basic statistical data mining
    • Descriptive statistics and plots/visualizations can give you an overall sense of a dataset's contents and likely distributions/patterns.
    • Exploratory regression (multiple, logistic, and robust) can show how linear combinations of variables might predict some other variable of interest.
    • Principal component analysis (PCA) can find underlying/latent spectra (e.g., rural vs. urban, conservative vs. liberal, etc.) within many variables.
    • Hierarchical clustering can complement PCA, offering a way to highlight where groups of things fall on certain PCA spectra.
    • Social or semantic network analysis can be used to quantify things like how much one person or group refers to others, and whether such referrals are reciprocal.

Referral services

We also may be able to offer referrals for several related services.

  • graphic design
  • usability testing, human-computer interaction (HCI) studies
  • designing or interpreting very complex mathematical or statistical models
  • designing scientific experiments
  • geographic information systems (GIS)
  • making audio or video recordings
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) and telephony services
  • website hosting
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